Day 29 & 30

It’s day 30!!! IT’S DAY 30!!! IT’S DAY 30!!!!!! I survived! I thrived! I actually committed to a full 30 days of strict paleo eating/NO alcohol and I was successful. For some reason, this accomplishment feels bigger than college graduation and bigger than being accepted to graduate school because those things are hard but the Whole30 is REALLY REALLY REALLY hard. It’s so worth it. All the hours I spent cooking, days I spent researching new recipes and Friday nights I stayed in to avoid the temptation of drinking- it was all 100% fully and completely worth it and here’s why:

1) CONTROL-That power to say NO and of course by no I mean no thank you. I just don’t need that thin mint or cupcake at my staff meeting, in fact, I don’t even want it! But If I do want a french fry or glass of wine I feel comfortable and guilt free about making that choice. This is huge for me on so many levels. 2) Weight loss– no, this is not the goal or point of the Whole30 but it happens and if it doesn’t happen for you, you’re doing something wrong. I feel more comfortable and confident in my skin and who doesn’t love that?! And no…my butt is the same size just in case you were worried about that. 3) Hair/Skin– I wasn’t really anticipating this one but my hair is thicker, shinier, fuller etc. and my skin is basically flawless, so there’s that. 4) Better energy/Mood– I wake up like WHAT’S UP WORLD IT’S ME SARA and it sort of just stays like that most of the day- no emotionally related food mood swings or typical post-lunch crash, I feel more energized and stable. 5) Positive Outlook- I feel lighter. I feel brighter. I feel more empathy towards others and receptive to receiving love. I began this program during a very delicate time in my life. Before deciding to do the Whole30 I also made some decisions about existing relationships and an overall desire to be more nurturing towards myself. The Whole30 supported all those mental goals I had set for myself in addition to the physical ones, talk about killing two birds with one stone.

For the past few weeks, I’ve woken up feeling WHOLE both physically and mentally. I’ve seen my body and negative eating patterns change but I’ve also seen the various relationships in my life evolve in a positive way. The biggest transformation has been my new found loving/trusting relationship with myself. Because I’m eating healthy and making good choices, I no longer have to criticize or punish myself on a daily basis. I’ve become more compassionate and confident during these past 30 days and I only have the Whole30 to thank for that.

I do plan to maintain a strict paleo diet and I feel wonderful about this decision. I finally feel comfortable modifying when eating out, skipping the toast/potatoes and pushing the sugar for my coffee to the side but I will CHOOSE to eat/drink whenever it feels appropriate with no shame. Of course I will have a few bites of my best friends birthday cake this weekend and you can bet your bottom dollar I’ll be opening a nice bottle of wine tonight. CHEERS!!!

If you want to learn more about the Whole30 program I highly recommend Dallas and Melissa’s book that truly explains it all:


and visit their website:

**Special thanks to Janet Landon & Stephanie Morfitt for being extra fabulous cheerleaders this month and as always- my best friends Kimberly Robinson, Alycia Adler and Erin Besinque for believing in me!


Days 23-28

This is what people call Tiger Blood! No cravings! No more insomnia! No more mood swings! No more guilt! Oh to be balanced and free…it’s a beautiful thing. The main reason I embarked on my Whole30 journey was to confront my unhealthy/emotional relationship with food. With 28 days of confrontation behind me, I have a new understanding of this relationship and how to make it happier/healthier long-term.

I haven’t had as much time to prepare meals and get creative in the kitchen this past week but I’ve been okay with that. Who knew I’d be satisfied with the basics day after day. I’m not even sick of eggs yet, crazy right? Never thought I’d see the day where I actually WANT spinach and veggies for lunch instead of a chicken burrito. Gone are the days that I feel guilty about my food choices, I’m in control now and there’s no turning back.

All of that being said, as I get closer to my Whole30 being officially over, I’m slightly (and by slightly I mean very) fearful of losing the structure and strength i’ve found during this program. All I can do is my best to maintain healthy choices.

Breakfast: Two scrambled eggs with mushrooms, spinach, cherry tomatoes and lox, handful of blackberries

Lunch: Spinach with beets, avocado, cherry tomatoes, hearts of palm w/ homemade balsamic dressing

Pre work out snack: Handful of almonds & Cashews

Dinner: Schlantat’s chili- zucchini, red + green bell pepper, fire roasted tomato, ground turkey and cajun sausage

Days 20, 21 & 22

FINALLY!!!! This is the moment I’ve been waiting for! After three full weeks I can now watch my friends drink red wine and my co-workers eat cookies and I feel NOTHING, not a care or crave in the world. I think getting to this stage has taken longer for me than for most Whole30 peeps and I don’t know why other than everyone’s bodies are different.

Now that I’m at this stage I feel totally in control of my emotions and impulses related to food. I can firmly say no to that piece of dark chocolate with caramel/salt without thinking about it for 15 minutes afterwards and that’s a huge accomplishment for me on a mental and physical level.

Not only do I feel great but I am finally starting to notice my loose pants and sculpted bum! I know this isn’t the point of the Whole30 program but it feels damn good…sorry i’m not sorry.

Despite what the Whole30 timeline says about being bored with your food choices around this time, I actually don’t feel that way (felt that way a few days ago but now i’m back!). I have been switching things up enough the past few days to keep it interesting and I’ve even contemplated extending my Whole30 to the Whole60 just to solidify my new healthy relationship with food. That being said, wine/champagne will absolutely get a warm invitation back into my life on Day 31…and I’m looking forward to that.

Breakfast: 2 hard-boiled eggs, 1 apple with almond butter

Lunch: Organic ground beef, squash, cabbage, mushrooms, red onion and jalapeno’s


Dinner: Veggie stir fry with sweet potatoes, squash, mushrooms, white onion, broccoli and brussels

Days 18 & 19

Yes I have more energy. Yes I am bored of Paleo compliant food. Yes I want to throw my scrambled eggs out the window. NO my cravings are not fully gone….ARGHGHAGHGHDJD!!?

Okay.I am 85% craving free except for sugar- which is weird because sugar isn’t even my biggest vice but for some reason it is the hardest to kick in this program. I think it might be because I’m exposed to sugar ALL the time given I spend most of life at work (free doughnut, candy, junk food heaven) or school (sugar city USA) so perhaps that’s why? I’m feeling frustrated because I’ve dedicated a whole month to being rid of these cravings, it’s day 19 and they are still here.

ALSO- I’ve had a horrible breakout this week. My friend Alycia would actually push me off a cliff for saying that because when I have skin problems I tend to over-dramatize them (hard to believe right?) but seriously- without getting into too much detail it’s been really freggin gross.

Day 30 is in sight and I’m looking forward to my glass wine. I think I’ll plan to keep all other sugar out for another full 30 days out of fear that I will relapse into sugar seeking behavior as soon as February ends.

Breakfast: Two eggs scrambled w/red onion, mushrooms, spinach and salsa + monkey salad + coffee with canned coconut milk (yes it’s canned, no it doesn’t taste like half & half, get over it)


Lunch: Spinach salad with grilled chicken (click for amazing marinade), beets, mushrooms, hearts of palm, cherry tomatoes, avocado and balsamic vinegar dressing with a little garlic!

Dinner: HOMEMADE turkey burgers made to perfection by my best friend with sauteed’ mushrooms/grilled onions + baked brussels sprouts/broccoli with a side spinach salad. This was my FAVORITE Whole30 meal to date! Why? Because my friends were so awesome in supporting my Whole30 journey by cooking with so many limitations. Also, we listened to Justin Timberlake Pandora the whole time…how can anyone not have an amazing meal when JT is involved?


I’m the luckiest!!!

Day 16 & 17

Day 16 I woke up feeling full of energy- so much so that I skipped my morning coffee! I felt present  and clear minded all day at school. One after another people were commenting on my abnormally shiny hair, perky energy and clear skin… could this be TIGER BLOOD?! It must be, right? I was so excited to finally feel some of the positive effects of this program, I was bragging about it all day to my friends at school. Also, Day 16 was the first day I could see a difference in my weight, face thinner and pants looser–loveeeee it! Last week, I had made an appointment at school to get my flu shot because several friends from my gym and co-workers at my internship had been deathly ill with the flu. BAD DECISION. My positive/endless energy went down the toilet in a matter of hours. I ended up leaving work early with a fever and crawled into bed with the chills/body aches: happy valentines day to me!!

Day 17- Struggling with a half ass version of the flu. Ummmm what was the point of getting this shot? Never again. I just HAD to get it right when I was starting to feel amazing, right?! Rested all day and continued on my Whole30 regimen, forcing myself to eat enough calories, but my Tiger Blood was just no where to be found 😦 Hoping for a happy/healthier/tigerblood day tomorrow!

Breakfast: Monkey salad (banana, strawberries, blackberries, rasberries) w/ a touch of almond butter on top


Lunch: Scrambled eggs with lox, mushrooms, spinach & tomatoes + more fruits

Dinner: Salmon w/broccoli

Days 12-15

“Boundless energy! Now give me a damn Twinkie.” Even though you start to feel increased energy levels, people can experience intense cravings and temptations during this period. I’ve had some pretty intense dreams about food! On night 12 I dreamt that I tried every single version of subway sandwiches until I was physically ill. On night 13 I was binge eating McDonalds french fries in my car while slowly suffocating. Things have gotten pretty weird these past few days and personally, these have been the hardest so far in terms of resisting tempting food. That being said, I’ve had an emotional start to my week at my job and my go- to comfort is whatever junk is sitting in the kitchen at my internship. Yesterday it was the gluten free Oreo’s from Trader Joe’s- I came pretty close (the closest yet) to caving. 

Nothing about this is easy or appearing to become more manageable. Every day is a challenge and I’m really looking forward to my food cravings subsiding a little bit in the next two weeks. I am however, HALF WAY THROUGH!!!!!!!! boom. It can only get better from here, right?

Breakfast: Two eggs scrambled w/sausage, spinach tomatoes and avocado w/homemade salsa


Lunch: Garbage Stir-fry with curried cabbage (sounds disgusting but is in fact, delicious)

Dinner: Sauteed Shrimp w/onions and cherry-tomatoes , side of roasted brussels 



Days 10 & 11

I’ll admit, the “hardest days” of the program are pretty damn hard. For me, these days fell on a weekend making them all the more difficult. A few months back, I committed to dinner plans with my mom for her college reunion and when I found out it was at a swanky Italian place in Beverly Hills I came pretty close to bailing. I looked at the menu online, started to cry a little, then I smacked myself and cooked a simple/quick dinner at home before we left. Watching everyone indulge in bread, pasta, WINE (cabernet, they had to get my favorite right?) and to top it all a chocolate souffle, it just about killed me- mouth salivating, palms sweaty, cravings screaming, this sounds dramatic but it’s 100% true. My body was having a tantrum about me saying “no” but guess who had control in this situation? Me. Gaining control of my eating habits and choices is the goal of my Whole30 experience and it looks like I’m mastering that puppy one day at a time.

I simply love food and I love wine so it’s very challenging to constantly remind my brain that I don’t need these things to be nourished and more importantly, feel happy.

Breakfast: Omelette with mixed veggies and lox, side of fruit

Lunch: Leftover chili

Dinner: Organic sausage, sauteed kale & hamachi sashimi (at Italian restaurant)

*I completely forgot to take pictures of my food these days so to make up for it i’ll provide a rainy day selfie of me drinking coffee with coconut milk on day 11.

photo-6Hi guys it’s me Sara!

Cheers to the worst being behind me!! (cheers with sparkling water or kombucha of course)