Days 8 & 9

For the love of Gosling my pants truly ARE tighter. This Whole30 timeline thing is about as accurate as it gets and I’m so grateful that it exists. It helps me control my freak outs through out these intense and very different stages of the Whole30 process. I’ll keep this part short-I’ve had some interesting digestion issues the past few days but that’s all in line with the Whole30 timeline. So, that’s that.

Moving on…I’d like to take a moment to sincerely thank Almond Butter for sharing it’s creamy, delicious, healthy, whole30 compliant beauty with me these past few days. If wasn’t for you I might have commit serious Whole30 sins these past few meals. Big shout out to my yoga teacher/whole30 mentor Elise Joan for adding A.B. to my list of CAN EAT foods.


Isn’t she beautiful?! Be warned, If you decide to get Whole30 a try, you WILL start to appreciate (or obsess, love, adorn etc.) the taste of simple, easy, nutritious foods. Right now, it’s Almond Butter but a few days ago I was over the moon for brussels sprouts and strawberries! There’s no denying it, my relationship with healthy food is evolving in ways I never could have imagined. I’m not saying that I’m completely past the point of craving unhealthy foods but I’m getting there.

The past few days I’ve had fitness instructor friends point out weight loss, muscle tone and increased speed while exercising- this is NOT the goal of Whole30 but I promise, these things happen if you commit. I’m not tempted to eat non-compliant foods, I’m not missing unhealthy foods (that’s 93% true) but I’ll admit…I do REALLY REALLY REALLY miss wine. I miss a drink after a tough day at work and I miss socializing with friends over a beer on the weekends, that’s been the biggest challenge so far.

Breakfast: Two eggs hard-boiled with homemade salsa

Lunch: Raw, Greens 3 juice from Whole Foods (we aren’t supposed to drink our food on Whole30 but I figure if drinking a 100% green juice is the worst thing I do then I’m alright) and delicious CHILI!!!! I also added organic sausage to this recipe. Image

Dinner: Leftover Salmon and Brussels Sprouts


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