Days 10 & 11

I’ll admit, the “hardest days” of the program are pretty damn hard. For me, these days fell on a weekend making them all the more difficult. A few months back, I committed to dinner plans with my mom for her college reunion and when I found out it was at a swanky Italian place in Beverly Hills I came pretty close to bailing. I looked at the menu online, started to cry a little, then I smacked myself and cooked a simple/quick dinner at home before we left. Watching everyone indulge in bread, pasta, WINE (cabernet, they had to get my favorite right?) and to top it all a chocolate souffle, it just about killed me- mouth salivating, palms sweaty, cravings screaming, this sounds dramatic but it’s 100% true. My body was having a tantrum about me saying “no” but guess who had control in this situation? Me. Gaining control of my eating habits and choices is the goal of my Whole30 experience and it looks like I’m mastering that puppy one day at a time.

I simply love food and I love wine so it’s very challenging to constantly remind my brain that I don’t need these things to be nourished and more importantly, feel happy.

Breakfast: Omelette with mixed veggies and lox, side of fruit

Lunch: Leftover chili

Dinner: Organic sausage, sauteed kale & hamachi sashimi (at Italian restaurant)

*I completely forgot to take pictures of my food these days so to make up for it i’ll provide a rainy day selfie of me drinking coffee with coconut milk on day 11.

photo-6Hi guys it’s me Sara!

Cheers to the worst being behind me!! (cheers with sparkling water or kombucha of course)


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