Days 12-15

“Boundless energy! Now give me a damn Twinkie.” Even though you start to feel increased energy levels, people can experience intense cravings and temptations during this period. I’ve had some pretty intense dreams about food! On night 12 I dreamt that I tried every single version of subway sandwiches until I was physically ill. On night 13 I was binge eating McDonalds french fries in my car while slowly suffocating. Things have gotten pretty weird these past few days and personally, these have been the hardest so far in terms of resisting tempting food. That being said, I’ve had an emotional start to my week at my job and my go- to comfort is whatever junk is sitting in the kitchen at my internship. Yesterday it was the gluten free Oreo’s from Trader Joe’s- I came pretty close (the closest yet) to caving. 

Nothing about this is easy or appearing to become more manageable. Every day is a challenge and I’m really looking forward to my food cravings subsiding a little bit in the next two weeks. I am however, HALF WAY THROUGH!!!!!!!! boom. It can only get better from here, right?

Breakfast: Two eggs scrambled w/sausage, spinach tomatoes and avocado w/homemade salsa


Lunch: Garbage Stir-fry with curried cabbage (sounds disgusting but is in fact, delicious)

Dinner: Sauteed Shrimp w/onions and cherry-tomatoes , side of roasted brussels 




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