Day 16 & 17

Day 16 I woke up feeling full of energy- so much so that I skipped my morning coffee! I felt present  and clear minded all day at school. One after another people were commenting on my abnormally shiny hair, perky energy and clear skin… could this be TIGER BLOOD?! It must be, right? I was so excited to finally feel some of the positive effects of this program, I was bragging about it all day to my friends at school. Also, Day 16 was the first day I could see a difference in my weight, face thinner and pants looser–loveeeee it! Last week, I had made an appointment at school to get my flu shot because several friends from my gym and co-workers at my internship had been deathly ill with the flu. BAD DECISION. My positive/endless energy went down the toilet in a matter of hours. I ended up leaving work early with a fever and crawled into bed with the chills/body aches: happy valentines day to me!!

Day 17- Struggling with a half ass version of the flu. Ummmm what was the point of getting this shot? Never again. I just HAD to get it right when I was starting to feel amazing, right?! Rested all day and continued on my Whole30 regimen, forcing myself to eat enough calories, but my Tiger Blood was just no where to be found 😦 Hoping for a happy/healthier/tigerblood day tomorrow!

Breakfast: Monkey salad (banana, strawberries, blackberries, rasberries) w/ a touch of almond butter on top


Lunch: Scrambled eggs with lox, mushrooms, spinach & tomatoes + more fruits

Dinner: Salmon w/broccoli


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