Days 20, 21 & 22

FINALLY!!!! This is the moment I’ve been waiting for! After three full weeks I can now watch my friends drink red wine and my co-workers eat cookies and I feel NOTHING, not a care or crave in the world. I think getting to this stage has taken longer for me than for most Whole30 peeps and I don’t know why other than everyone’s bodies are different.

Now that I’m at this stage I feel totally in control of my emotions and impulses related to food. I can firmly say no to that piece of dark chocolate with caramel/salt without thinking about it for 15 minutes afterwards and that’s a huge accomplishment for me on a mental and physical level.

Not only do I feel great but I am finally starting to notice my loose pants and sculpted bum! I know this isn’t the point of the Whole30 program but it feels damn good…sorry i’m not sorry.

Despite what the Whole30 timeline says about being bored with your food choices around this time, I actually don’t feel that way (felt that way a few days ago but now i’m back!). I have been switching things up enough the past few days to keep it interesting and I’ve even contemplated extending my Whole30 to the Whole60 just to solidify my new healthy relationship with food. That being said, wine/champagne will absolutely get a warm invitation back into my life on Day 31…and I’m looking forward to that.

Breakfast: 2 hard-boiled eggs, 1 apple with almond butter

Lunch: Organic ground beef, squash, cabbage, mushrooms, red onion and jalapeno’s


Dinner: Veggie stir fry with sweet potatoes, squash, mushrooms, white onion, broccoli and brussels


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