Day 29 & 30

It’s day 30!!! IT’S DAY 30!!! IT’S DAY 30!!!!!! I survived! I thrived! I actually committed to a full 30 days of strict paleo eating/NO alcohol and I was successful. For some reason, this accomplishment feels bigger than college graduation and bigger than being accepted to graduate school because those things are hard but the Whole30 is REALLY REALLY REALLY hard. It’s so worth it. All the hours I spent cooking, days I spent researching new recipes and Friday nights I stayed in to avoid the temptation of drinking- it was all 100% fully and completely worth it and here’s why:

1) CONTROL-That power to say NO and of course by no I mean no thank you. I just don’t need that thin mint or cupcake at my staff meeting, in fact, I don’t even want it! But If I do want a french fry or glass of wine I feel comfortable and guilt free about making that choice. This is huge for me on so many levels. 2) Weight loss– no, this is not the goal or point of the Whole30 but it happens and if it doesn’t happen for you, you’re doing something wrong. I feel more comfortable and confident in my skin and who doesn’t love that?! And no…my butt is the same size just in case you were worried about that. 3) Hair/Skin– I wasn’t really anticipating this one but my hair is thicker, shinier, fuller etc. and my skin is basically flawless, so there’s that. 4) Better energy/Mood– I wake up like WHAT’S UP WORLD IT’S ME SARA and it sort of just stays like that most of the day- no emotionally related food mood swings or typical post-lunch crash, I feel more energized and stable. 5) Positive Outlook- I feel lighter. I feel brighter. I feel more empathy towards others and receptive to receiving love. I began this program during a very delicate time in my life. Before deciding to do the Whole30 I also made some decisions about existing relationships and an overall desire to be more nurturing towards myself. The Whole30 supported all those mental goals I had set for myself in addition to the physical ones, talk about killing two birds with one stone.

For the past few weeks, I’ve woken up feeling WHOLE both physically and mentally. I’ve seen my body and negative eating patterns change but I’ve also seen the various relationships in my life evolve in a positive way. The biggest transformation has been my new found loving/trusting relationship with myself. Because I’m eating healthy and making good choices, I no longer have to criticize or punish myself on a daily basis. I’ve become more compassionate and confident during these past 30 days and I only have the Whole30 to thank for that.

I do plan to maintain a strict paleo diet and I feel wonderful about this decision. I finally feel comfortable modifying when eating out, skipping the toast/potatoes and pushing the sugar for my coffee to the side but I will CHOOSE to eat/drink whenever it feels appropriate with no shame. Of course I will have a few bites of my best friends birthday cake this weekend and you can bet your bottom dollar I’ll be opening a nice bottle of wine tonight. CHEERS!!!

If you want to learn more about the Whole30 program I highly recommend Dallas and Melissa’s book that truly explains it all:


and visit their website:

**Special thanks to Janet Landon & Stephanie Morfitt for being extra fabulous cheerleaders this month and as always- my best friends Kimberly Robinson, Alycia Adler and Erin Besinque for believing in me!


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