Days 23-28

This is what people call Tiger Blood! No cravings! No more insomnia! No more mood swings! No more guilt! Oh to be balanced and free…it’s a beautiful thing. The main reason I embarked on my Whole30 journey was to confront my unhealthy/emotional relationship with food. With 28 days of confrontation behind me, I have a new understanding of this relationship and how to make it happier/healthier long-term.

I haven’t had as much time to prepare meals and get creative in the kitchen this past week but I’ve been okay with that. Who knew I’d be satisfied with the basics day after day. I’m not even sick of eggs yet, crazy right? Never thought I’d see the day where I actually WANT spinach and veggies for lunch instead of a chicken burrito. Gone are the days that I feel guilty about my food choices, I’m in control now and there’s no turning back.

All of that being said, as I get closer to my Whole30 being officially over, I’m slightly (and by slightly I mean very) fearful of losing the structure and strength i’ve found during this program. All I can do is my best to maintain healthy choices.

Breakfast: Two scrambled eggs with mushrooms, spinach, cherry tomatoes and lox, handful of blackberries

Lunch: Spinach with beets, avocado, cherry tomatoes, hearts of palm w/ homemade balsamic dressing

Pre work out snack: Handful of almonds & Cashews

Dinner: Schlantat’s chili- zucchini, red + green bell pepper, fire roasted tomato, ground turkey and cajun sausage


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