Days 8 & 9

For the love of Gosling my pants truly ARE tighter. This Whole30 timeline thing is about as accurate as it gets and I’m so grateful that it exists. It helps me control my freak outs through out these intense and very different stages of the Whole30 process. I’ll keep this part short-I’ve had some interesting digestion issues the past few days but that’s all in line with the Whole30 timeline. So, that’s that.

Moving on…I’d like to take a moment to sincerely thank Almond Butter for sharing it’s creamy, delicious, healthy, whole30 compliant beauty with me these past few days. If wasn’t for you I might have commit serious Whole30 sins these past few meals. Big shout out to my yoga teacher/whole30 mentor Elise Joan for adding A.B. to my list of CAN EAT foods.


Isn’t she beautiful?! Be warned, If you decide to get Whole30 a try, you WILL start to appreciate (or obsess, love, adorn etc.) the taste of simple, easy, nutritious foods. Right now, it’s Almond Butter but a few days ago I was over the moon for brussels sprouts and strawberries! There’s no denying it, my relationship with healthy food is evolving in ways I never could have imagined. I’m not saying that I’m completely past the point of craving unhealthy foods but I’m getting there.

The past few days I’ve had fitness instructor friends point out weight loss, muscle tone and increased speed while exercising- this is NOT the goal of Whole30 but I promise, these things happen if you commit. I’m not tempted to eat non-compliant foods, I’m not missing unhealthy foods (that’s 93% true) but I’ll admit…I do REALLY REALLY REALLY miss wine. I miss a drink after a tough day at work and I miss socializing with friends over a beer on the weekends, that’s been the biggest challenge so far.

Breakfast: Two eggs hard-boiled with homemade salsa

Lunch: Raw, Greens 3 juice from Whole Foods (we aren’t supposed to drink our food on Whole30 but I figure if drinking a 100% green juice is the worst thing I do then I’m alright) and delicious CHILI!!!! I also added organic sausage to this recipe. Image

Dinner: Leftover Salmon and Brussels Sprouts


Day 6 & 7

I slept 10 hours last night and I needed to take a nap about half way through my day. Luckily Wednesday is my non-school/non-internship day so I had the opportunity to snooze after some reading and a long run. I noticed a significant difference in my distance and I felt like I had a little more power beneath my stride than usual. Today, I made a conscious effort to make sure I was getting enough nutrients in order to eliminate lack of proper nutrients as a factor of my extreme sleepiness but I think it’s just my body adjusting to this new lifestyle. Other than running fast and taking naps…all is well!

Breakfast: Banana with almond butter, two hard-boiled eggs

Lunch: Grilled Zucchini & grilled chicken

Dinner: Salmon with avocado salsa and a side spinach salad (cherry tomatoes, beets & hearts of palm with homemade tangy avocado dressing)


I know…I’m killing it.

Days 4 & 5

So I made it through days 4 & 5 without “killing all things”. Looking back I was actually most irritable on Day 3 where I was cursing in the kitchen and snapping at my mom over details of a movie we watched together. I made it through the Superbowl (what a thriller) which wasn’t as hard as I had anticipated…okay when the homemade churros came around that was pretty hard to turn down but I DID IT- that’s all that matters!

Day 5 I woke up feeling amazing, danced in my car all the way to Cal State Long Beach (that’s 32 miles in case you were wondering) where I continued to be positive Pam all day long, participating in every class discussion with a giant smile on my face until about 5:00. I don’t know if it was the class content, or the fact that it was my 7th hour of class OR if it was my body transitioning into the “need a nap” phase of days 6 & 7….maybe all of the above but I really CRASHED. Likeeeee… I think I went to bed at 9:00 and slept until 8:30 the next morning. My body is clearly adjusting but of course, I’m sticking to it.

Day 5 meals

Breakfast: two eggs scrambled with avocado, monkey salad

Lunch: Spinach salad w/grilled chicken, hearts of palm, beets & cherry tomatoes

Dinner: Grass fed burgers topped with homemade guacamole, grilled onions, sautéed mushrooms w/ a side of sweet potato fries….BOOM!!! how you like them apples?


Day 2 & 3

I’ve been tracking the Whole30 timeline regarding how I’m “supposed” to feel on days 2&3 which are deemed the “hangover” days. I can only assume that these days are different for everyone depending on how poorly they were eating before starting the program. Pre-Whole30, I ate a healthy diet 80% of the time although I’ll admit, I splurged on some mexican food, french fries AND wine the day before staring Whole30.

Bottom line: I haven’t experienced any headaches, fatigue or any other symptoms reflective of a poor diet “hangover”. I have, however, experienced increased energy/mood (seriously, I had the energy and attitude to do 3 work out classed back to back this morning) and unexplainable night sweats- all three nights.I’m assuming the night sweats are detox related? Let’s hope so anyway.

I went out for my friends celebratory dinner last night and it was HARD but I made it through. I was drooling over chips and salsa while mourning the loss of my Friday night cocktail. I wouldn’t recommend making any social commitments during these first few days. Temptation is a b’!

Day 3 food schedule:

Breakfast: Two eggs scrambled with spinach, green & red bell pepper + half a sausage, modified monkey salad with strawberries blueberries, raspberries and coconut chips+ 1 cup of coffee with canned coconut milk


Mid 3 class back to back workout: Blueberry Larabar

Lunch: Half organic chicken sausage & sautéed kale- delicious recipe I would eat literally every day:

Dinner: Chicken w/apple and onion recipe amaaaaaazing:
Grilled vegetables baked in coconut oil @ 400 F for 30 minutes (Brussel Sprouts, Eggplant, Butternut squash, Green beans)

I haven’t been hungry in-between meals at all which I’m most surprised about! I’m feelin’ all types of excited and positive but…tomorrow is Superbowl Sunday, lord help me.

Day 1

So…I survived day 1 wooooohooo! According to It Starts with Food and at least 10 different blogs I’ve read about Whole30, today and tomorrow are supposed to be the easiest days lol REALLY?!? If that’s the case then I have a very long road ahead of me. Don’t get me wrong, there’s no turning back and I am 100% definitely seeing this through to the very end but today wasn’t all that easy… just sayin’.

Pre 7am workout: modified monkey salad (coconut chips, banana, blackberries, raspberries)

Post workout: 2 hard-boiled eggs with a side of raw red/green bell peppers

Lunch: Spinach chicken salad with hearts of palm, beets & cherry tomatoes. I used a compliant, homemade Avocado dressing that really spiced things up:


Dinner: Organic sausage, brussels and asparagus (in my ghee, caper, lemon, cilantro sauce to die for)

The good part? All of the food tasted great! I can imagine how eating like this every day would leave you feeling pretty damn good. The bad part? I’d be lying if I said those doughnuts sitting in the kitchen at the office all day weren’t flirting with me from 9:00-5:00 and when I say flirting I mean actually begging me to get into bed with them. I didn’t do it. I won’t do it. I mean, I never was a one night stand kind of girl. In all seriousness, the temptation is all around and I already know what i’ll miss most, who am I kidding, I already miss it- RED WINE! WHITE WINE! CHAMPAGNE! Oh I already long for thee…

Okay so Day 1:  I really do feel positive and totally up for the challenge but I also know that the next few weeks are going to be hellish. I’m looking forward to feeling better.